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My Two Fans

Brought to you by MWG Entertainment, this web series is about Kate Maxwell, a hot girl with a nice house, relationship issues, and 2 guys who live there with her because they, um, are her fans. This 16-episode series turns out to be 16 episodes too many.  The 2 fans love her and guide her through life with do’s and don’ts and helpful hints. I’m not sure if the 2 fans are supposed to be a figment of her imagination or if they are actually there, painting her toenails and straightening her hair. It’s not clear how they even got there in the first place.

In the world of sitcoms, the trope of the absurdly loyal friend has been done a gazillion times before–and also a gazillion times better.  Aside from the inexplicable cameo appearances, the acting is as bad and unbelievable as the scenarios depicted in the episodes. Who on earth would believe that this girl can’t find a boyfriend and struggles with loneliness? It’s just not realistic that she couldn’t get a date or find a job without advice from 2 socially inept geeks. The pattern here is that the show can’t decide whether it is reality or fantasy, and so it fails at both.

“My Two Fans” is definitely NOT hot!!!


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