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The Clean-Up Crew

Goodbye 500 channels of crap on the tele…hello webisode! I love technology and I enjoy being able to tappety-tap my keyboard and immediately have access to a new series.  I found “The Clean-Up Crew” which means, I found CSI and Funny in a compact little web series! “The Clean-Up Crew” is about Frank’s Crime Scene Steam-N-Clean, a premiere biohazard removal company that is followed around by a documentary crew, covering  the not-so everyday struggles of a quirky crime scene cleaning company.

THE CLEAN-UP CREW episode 1 from Clean_Up_Crew



I never found crime scenes humorous before, but the writing in this series is so good that I found myself giggling at gruesome, bloody murder sites.  The episodes begin with excellent teasers, my favorite, always landing clever jokes before the pithy intro and leaving you wanting more at the end of the show.

It’s a high quality production starring Dale Midkiff as Dan Dahler, the sort of “David Brent” leader of the team and Richard Riehle as Frank, the owner. His logo idea for the front of the company t-shirt is “Got Guts”. CUC is USC’s first webisode and has won the grand prize for Best Comedy Pilot in Sony’s Crackle.com Comedy Pilot Competition.

THE CLEAN-UP CREW episode 3 (part 1 of  2) from Clean_Up_Crew


THE CLEAN-UP CREW episode 3 (part 1 of 2) If you like The Office and/or CSI

For more info on the creators, cast, crew or to see all of the episodes, check out their website:


“The Clean-Up Crew” is definitely HOT!!!


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